Digital marketing trends in Dubai 2015


Well known for its flexibility in technology and innovation, Dubai has a rapidly growing digital media industry.


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Studies show that the UAE ranks the 5th in the Middle East Region, in terms of the internet penetration. Out of the 4.98 million people in the UAE, 3.78 million have access to the internet. According to Ipsos, a well-known market research company, Dubai has the highest use of internet on Smartphones across the Middle East. At the moment, the average person in the UAE has 2 subscriptions. In addition, it is expected that the mobile penetration will boom by about 35% by the end of the year. Here is a look at the technological areas, in relation to digital marketing and the trends in 2015


• Digital Media in Dubai

In terms of the digital media development, the United Arab Emirates leads in the entire Middle East region. In the whole Middle East region, An average of 48.1% of the population have access to the internet. Out of the 48.1%, 6.5 million are on Twitter and about 3.7 million are active users on social medias. Unlike other regions around the world, the most popular social network is Facebook, 94% of the social media users in Dubai are on Facebook.



• Digital marketing Agencies

There is going to be a significant growth in the digital agency space in Dubai by the end of the year. There are leading global marketing specialists that are already investing in the country. The online ads market carried out in Dubai is set to increase by about 30% by the end of the year. Experts estimate that the mobile ads spend will increase by an impressive 543% in every year until 2017.



• E-Commerce

The eCommerce industry is booming, in relation to the digital adoption. In the region, 39% of the internet user pay for products or services online. Online games are the one of the most popular categories, followed by computer software. Electronics is also bought online, for 28% of consumers. MasterCard carried out a research and found out that 17% of online consumers bought an item online with a mobile device, either tablet or a smartphone. In 2013, around 52% of the consumers used eCommerce in the UAE. This survey was carried out by MasterCard on about 3,000 consumers in the Middle East.


Only 15% of the businesses in the Middle East carry out their services online. The growth of the digital economy in Dubai shows that the marketers are targeting the area. The marketers want to develop communities and reach out to new communities.

This data shows that the number of users buying products and services online is growing every year in Dubai, the ecommerce market is in high demand for new online stores and services in the UAE.


The most impressive trend is the number of users who used a mobile device for browsing, ad purchasing products online. This number is only going to go up in the next few years, and having a mobile website is now critical, not only for search engine optimization (Google now shows different search results on mobile, based on how well the websites are optimized for mobile users), bue also for conversions and overal user experience.

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      Hello, Digital media stats in the UAE come from :

      Internet usage in the middle east :

      Social media usage in the UAE :

      Various sources including:

      – Internet World Stats
      – Northwestern’s University in Qatar
      – 5th Arab social Media Report
      – Ipsos MENA Internet Usage and Consumption Habits

      • Col Skinner
      • August 25, 2015

      Where are the Digital Media stats from?


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