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  • July 27, 2015
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You had the perfect blueprint for your e-commerce site’s huge success with awesome products, alluring deals and catchy appearance. However, your site’s product pages seo needs help, Google doesnt consider them in its results ? You are ready to tweak or change the things to improve sales, but don’t know what to focus on?  If you are nodding your head vehemently while reading the aforementioned text, here’s an article that will help you understand the focus areas for product page seo and the changes to bring a positive impact on the site’s bottom line.

1. Write quality product page SEO descriptions :

Product page descriptions are the sales pitch that can make or break the deal. It is only after reading the description copy for the product, the buyer will close the deal. Mundane, meaningless, short and uninspiring descriptions are less likely to fetch you a sale. At the same time, writing a saga on the product will also make the buyer close the window and go away.

Then, what exactly should you do? Here’s the answer. Don’t just list your products, but describe it in simple yet appealing words. Give product information clearly and discuss the Pros and Cons both. Give a brief idea on how to use the product but refrain from going on and on about how magical and life-changing the product is. Hyperbole, most of the time, leads to an end of the conversation.

More importantly, unique content is vital for your product pages search engine optimization.  A major advantage of writing more descriptive copy is in the form of better SEO. Google’s dislike towards ‘thin content’’ is not unknown, the search engine is looking for relevant pages. Thin content is basically the pages with less or not enough copy. Although, it is not well-defined that how much content is ‘enough’, it largely depends on the user experience. The copy must engage the users while giving them a correct understanding of products.

The most important aspect of product descriptions for your product page SEO is its uniqueness. You cannot simply copy past a description allready existing elsewhere on the internet, this is what seo experts call “duplicate content”.

There are two major negative impacts of the same copy. First of all, it is plagiarism or stealing the content if the website you are copying from is not your own. Secondly, Google doesn’t like duplicate content. It is known to penalize the sites for copying someone else’s content. It is a bit challenging to write unique descriptions for a huge number of products, however, your hard work will surely get rewarded with better search results and higher visit-to-sales conversion ratio.

Improve your SEO for your Dubai or international e-commerce site by writing as many unique descriptions as possible for your product pages, you should aim at having every single product page with a unique description.

2. Keep the Images Bigger and Better, use alt tags

It’s no hidden secret that pictures are more effective and engaging than words as far as web is concerned. Keep the images larger and ensure good quality to improve the conversion rates. Impressive pictures force the shoppers to invest time and pay more attention to the details of the products, hence lead to better sales results.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at a multivariate test conducted by the Czech e-commerce site.

Original listings :

product page seo optimization

Original listings with standard image sizes

Variation 1 / Bigger images :

product page seo optimization listings

Variation 1 : Bigger images


Variation 2 / Even Bigger images, product short descriptions are shown on mouseover:

product page seo optimization 2

Variation 2 : Even bigger images, product short description displayed on mouseover

When the company expanded the images to cover the entire grid space, the conversion went up by 9.46% on Variation 2.

Clearly, the image sizes made a huge positive impact. The experts believe that the right images are the deciding factor for someone becoming a customer or moving on to another site. In most of the cases, right images simply mean bigger images.

In terms of product page seo, make sure that all your product page images have the alt and title tag attributes, do not “keyword stuff” them but the product name + eventually the orientation of the picture helps build your product page’s relevancy while adding value to the web page.

3. Reduce Options

Contrary to the popular belief, listing more products doesn’t really lead to better sales. As per recent studies, more choices actually reduce the conversion rate. Similarly, ask for more info and the chances of losing a sale is higher. ‘Less options’ in other words is creating less barriers between the buyer and the seller. This applies for everything, right from form options to product selection options. The more fields in your form, lesser the conversion rate will be. Asking for a phone number will reduce the conversation chances by 5%. Asking for an address or age will make you lose another 4% and 3% of conversion respectively. A drop-down menu with numerous fields to fill are also a roadblock to great sales numbers.

Jeremy Smith, Conversion Optimiser, explains this phenomenon as ‘the paradox of choices’ or ‘option overload’. When there are too many choices, the buyer will end up making no choices at all. The higher the number of products, the more difficult is the decision-making process. Result? An abandoned sale. Here’s an easy fix to this grave problem.

* Limit your drop down menus to 2-3
* Limit your contact field options to 3-5
* Limit your product options to 4-6
* Limit your product selection to one page (avoid scrolling option), and create filtering options for the visitors and potential buyers to view more.
Keep the e-commerce site clean and easy to navigate with less options, products, menus and choices to avoid confusion.

From an seo perspective, you are better off with 20 high quality product pages, with full unique description and optimized images, than with 1000 thin content product pages, without description or with the description copied from amazon.

4. Keep the Product Page Title Accurate, Longtail and Unique

The title tag or a short meta copy is the arguably most important thing for SEO on a product page. If you want the title to matter for SEO, keep it different and unique for each product page.

While indexing your page, it is the title tag that a web crawler looks for. Search engines prefer pages with optimized titles to make the search results more relevant and useful. Here are some simple tips to decide a title for your product page :
* It is ideal to include your primary keyword in the page title.
* Include your brand name / website name if you have enough characters
* A longtail keyword is always better to find specific products. For example, instead of using just ‘Ladies’ bag’ use a more descriptive keyword such as ‘Ladies’ leather Louis Vuitton bag’. Shoppers looking for specific keywords are more likely to convert as sales than those searching for generic keywords.
* Keep the page titles accurate, and don’t forget that a good page title can translate to more clicks to your site from the search engine’s result pages
5. Update your product pages frequently / use customer reviews

Besides unique and relevant content, If you are looking to improve your product page SEO you should know that Google favors product pages updated frequently, receiving new unique and relevant content.

While your product descriptions do not usually change over time, another way to add new content to your product pages is to include customer reviews on it.

Make sure you use the review system in your shopping cart, and try to gather reviews from your customers. These are relevant and unique content, they provide real value to your visitors and will tell search engines that your page is up to date on the specific topic (in this case your product).

If you are using the schema for reviews, the reviews count and number of stars may be displayed directly in the search engine’s result pages, which increases dramatically the CTR (click through rate).


In the competitive world of e-commerce seo, these simple changes can prove to be the game-changing. Try implementing the above mentioned changes, you will certainly see the difference over time.

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